Virtual Toddler Storytime: Week 1

A sick coworker led to my first virtual toddler storytime–and my first toddler storytime in over a year! It was fun to explore this age group again.

This week’s content is visible through the videos and links below.

In my livestream description, I always include three links for viewers, designed for the age range the storytime is made for:

Background: While my library is closed during the COVID pandemic, we are hosting five virtual storytimes a week, livestreamed through our Facebook page. While those livestreams are deleted soon after they are complete, we are also making YouTube clips of select elements of our storytimes that our patrons can view anytime they would like–and that I can share with all of you!

Find additional content at the links below:

Toddler Storytime Introduction Song & Rhyme

I started with Shake Your Sillies Out by Rainbow Songs, which I couldn’t upload a video of due to copyright. Listen here:

Early Literacy Tip & Book Recommendation

I didn’t create this combined video this week because the book I was sharing isn’t available in our catalog as an eBook.


I talked about giving little ones at least 10 seconds to process a question you ask and to formulate a response, before sharing Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt.



Action Rhyme

Magnet Activity

Action Rhyme


Manipulative Time – Stuffed Animals

Closing Song


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