It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We are joining the blog trend of Monday posts about what we have read during the last week (11/11/19-11/17/19).

Annamarie’s Reading

Annamarie’s top titles include:

Note: Annamarie serves as chair of the ALSC Notable Children’s Recordings Committee. Due to her position, she listens to and evaluates many audiobooks for children and teens. Annamarie never includes any of the audiobooks she listens to in her “What Are You Reading?” posts.

Michala’s Reading

Michala’s top titles include:

Note: LeVar Burton is indeed proud. I am maintaining a reading streak! On a personal note, I have just secured a new apartment and will begin the crazy fun of moving during the holiday season!


    • Michala Sage says:

      Thanks Wendi Lee! I actually book talked it to some 6th graders this week and they liked that RBG was “down with tumblr” 🙂
      Happy reading to you too!

  1. Shaye Miller says:

    I’ve been curious about the Runaways graphic novels. My oldest son has been watching the series with me on Hulu and I was wondering if he’d enjoy reading it as much as watching it. He’s already asked me about getting The Umbrella Academy series after watching the first season on Netflix. Also, I really enjoyed Suggested Reading! Thanks for the shares, Annamarie & Michala, and my apologies for making the rounds so late this week. 🙂

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