Storytime Resources

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Storytime Resources

Baby Bounce Rhymes
Book Retellings (using flannels, magnets, puppets, props and more!)
Diversify Your Storytime Music (songs by artists from underrepresented populations)
Fingerplay Favorites
Flannel and Magnet Activities
Movement Rhymes
Storytime with Large Crowds
Why I Don’t Use Themes

Storytime Book Recommendations

2020 Favorite Storytime Books
Storytime Spotlight (June 2021)

Flannel Board Fun

Buzz Said the Bee
Five Little Snails
Five Little Tacos
Five Little Unicorns
Little Mouse, Little Mouse (focus on inclusivity)
Make a Pig
Oh Dear
Wiggleworm, Wiggleworm

Themed Storytimes

Animals in Winter (STEAM storytime)
Baby Shark Storytime (virtual)
Daniel Tiger Storytime (virtual)
Doc McStuffins Storytime (virtual)
Don’t Let the Pigeon Take Over Storytime! (Mo Willems Pigeon) (virtual)
Elephant & Piggie Storytime (virtual)
Fancy Nancy Storytime (virtual)
Llama Llama Red Pajama Storytime (virtual)
Molly of Denali Storytime (virtual)
Mother Bruce Storytime
Noon Year’s Eve Storytime (virtual)
Paw Patrol Rescue Academy (virtual)
Pete the Cat Storytime (virtual)
Pinkalicious Storytime (virtual)
Stuffed Animal Sleepover (includes a drop-off storytime)

Baby Storytime Outlines

Baby Storytimes (designed for ages 0-2) are not themed. The below list highlights the book shared that week.

Baby Storytime: Toes, Ears, & Nose!
Baby Storytime Week 1: Babies on the Bus (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 2: Row, Row, Row Your Boat (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 3: Jump! (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 4: Up! (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 5: If You’re Happy and You Know It (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 6: Baby Goes Beep (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 7: Peek-a-Baby (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 8: Everybunny Count (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 9: Leo Loves Baby Time (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 10: Head and Shoulders (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 11: Wheels on the Bus (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 12: Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle Hug (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 13: Look! Babies Head to Toe (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 14: The Babies and Kitties Book (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 15: Whose Nose and Toes? (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 16: Baby Loves Fall (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 17: What Is Baby Going to Do? (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 18: Baby Goes Beep (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 19: Welcome to the Party (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 20: I Love You Baby Burrito (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 21: Twinkle Twinkle Diaper You (virtual)
Baby Storytime Week 22: Leo Loves Daddy (virtual)

Toddler Storytime Outlines

Toddler Storytimes (designed for ages 2-3) are not themed. The below list highlights the books shared that week.

Toddler Storytime Week 1: Shark in the Park (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 2: There’s a Monster in Your Book & Bark George (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 3: Spunky Little Monkey (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 4: Crunch the Shy Dinosaur & White Rabbit’s Color Book (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 5: Farmyard Beat & Dear Zoo (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 6: Is Everyone Ready for Fun? & Go Away Big Green Monster (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 7: Dancing Feet & Tip Tip Dig Dig (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 8: Tap the Magic Tree (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 9: Five Little Monsters & I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 10: The Ghosts Went Floating & The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 11: Don’t Wake Up the Tiger & Move Over Rover (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 12: Is That Wise Pig? & One Red Sock (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 13: I Love Me! & Where Spot? (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 14: I Love My Tutu Too! & The Bridge Is Up (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 15: Baby Goes to Market & The Enormous Turnip (virtual)
Toddler Storytime Week 16: The Doghouse & Polar Bear Polar Bear (virtual)

Preschool Storytime Outlines

Preschool Storytimes (designed for ages 3-5) are not themed. The below list includes the books shared that week.

Preschool Storytime Week 1: Cow Loves Cookies & Dog’s Colorful Day (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 2: Grandma’s Tiny House & The Very Hungry Caterpillar (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 3: Swallow the Leader & Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 4: I Got the Rhythm & Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 5: What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night & Tickle Monster (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 6: Bedtime Bonnet & If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (virtual)
Preschool Storytime Week 7: Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao & Froggy Gets Dressed (virtual)
Preschool Storytime: Week 8: King of Kindergarten & Goodnight Moon (virtual)
Preschool Storytime: Week 9: Every Little Letter & There’s a Superhero in Your Book (virtual)
Preschool Storytime: Week 10: Don’t Feed the Coos & Polar Bear’s Underwear (virtual)
Preschool Storytime: Week 11: Mother Bruce & Little Blue Truck (virtual)

School Age Storytime Outlines

Little People, Big Dreams: Ella Fitzgerald (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Harriet Tubman (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Jean-Michel Basquiat (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Malala Yousafzai (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Martin Luther King, Jr. (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Muhammad Ali (virtual)
Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks (virtual)


2021 Storytime Goals

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