Flannel: Five Little Tacos

Five spicy tacos shimmied on the floor.
One salsa-ed away and then there were four.

Four crunchy tacos crispy as can be.
One crumbled apart and then there were three.

Three tasty tacos toasted through and through.
One tickled my tongue and then there were two.

Two cheesy tacos chilling in the sun
One melted away and then there was one.

One delicious taco dishing up some fun
It looked so yummy to me that now there are NONE!

Rhyme written by Beth Burris, Elementary Library Media Specialist.

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Making Flannels

When making flannels, I use these materials:

  • Stiff Felt (highly recommended!)
  • Puffy Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Sharp Scissors (Fiskars preferred)

Learn how to use the above photos (or any pictures) as a pattern or template at
Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime.

And a big shoutout to Mr. Keith’s blog, Felt-tastic Flannelbaord Funtime, for providing inspiration for my feltboard ideas. None of my flannels are direct reproductions of anyone’s work, but I am inspired most often by his style.

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