Flannel: Oh Dear!

Welcome to guest blogger Youth Librarian Sarah Simpson! Sarah is the flannel queen at my library, and I am so excited to be able to share some of her incredible flannel work on Book Cart Queens. Read on for full adorableness! – Annamarie

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Oh Dear! (book)

This is an adaptation of the book Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell.

Once upon a time, a little boy named Buster went to stay on his grandmother’s farm. In the morning he heads out the door to find eggs for breakfast.  

He heads straight to the BARN where he finds the …
Hmm, what animal does he find in the BARN?  Can you guess?  Let me see …

Oh yes, the COW!…what sound does she make?
Right, Moooo, Moooo.
Does she have eggs for Buster’s breakfast? No she doesn’t.

What does Buster say? OH DEAR, NO EGGS HERE.

Next Buster goes to the STY. Who lives in a STY? Will you guess?

You’re right, the PIG!
What sound does he make? OINK OINK!
Does the pig have eggs for Buster’s breakfast?

Next Buster goes to the dog house. Who lives in a dog house? Do you know?

Of course, the dog!
Does the dog have eggs for Buster’s breakfast?

Next Buster goes to the stable. Who lives in the stable?

You guessed it! The horse!
What does the horse say? NEIGH NEIGH
Does the horse have eggs for Buster’s breakfast?

Next Buster goes to the HUTCH. Who lives in a HUTCH?

A bunny lives in a hutch!
Does the bunny have eggs for Buster?

Where does Buster go next?
Let’s see where he has visited so far:

First he went to the barn,
Then he went to the sty,
Next he went to the dog house,
After that he went to the stable,
And then to the hutch.

And finally he will go to the hen house.
Who lives in the hen house?

Could it be? Who do we see…a HEN!

HMMM, does she have eggs for Buster’s breakfast? YES SHE DOES! The hen has three eggs for Buster’s breakfast!

Making Flannels

When making flannels, I use these materials:

  • Stiff Felt (highly recommended!)
  • Puffy Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Sharp Scissors (Fiskars preferred)

Learn how to use the above photos (or any pictures) as a pattern or template at
Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime.

And a big shoutout to Mr. Keith’s blog, Felt-tastic Flannelbaord Funtime, for providing inspiration for my feltboard ideas. None of my flannels are direct reproductions of anyone’s work, but I am inspired most often by his style.

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