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Little Learners: Baby Activity Kit

Often the best blueprints for programming come from what other awesome library professionals have created. Woodridge Public Library did several months of a Baby Activity Kit program which was absolutely brilliant and something I was eager to build upon and tweak to fit my typical kit structure. Babies are difficult to reach with programming amidst the pandemic and I was looking for a way that I could make a beneficial, early literacy-themed kit for them. This particular kit focused on music and movement with materials to make several instruments included. I rounded it off with activity cards and an instructional packet with book recommendations and further resources included.

Inside the kit were materials to create a:

This program would pair well with any pre-K or school-age reading program in a school or library setting. 

  • jingle bell egg shaker
  • ribbon whisk
  • gumball capsule bean shaker

Safety was the top priority, so I included small rolls of washi tape in each kit to secure the egg and gumball capsule so that no choking hazard-sized bits would escape their containers.

Photos of the finished products:

The kit came with several items:

  • Laminated activity card booklet
  • Packet including instructions, online resources, and book recommendations
  • Materials to create each instrument
  • Scarf – there are several purchasing options on Amazon

Images of the activity cards:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a fully enrolled program. I thought it would be more popular than it turned out to be with 11 out of 30 spots filled. I was toying with the idea of making this a series, much in the way Woodridge Public Library did, but because of the lack of interset I will not be creating addtional Little Learner kits.

Hopefully, if you try this program, you will have more luck with interest. If you would like PDFs or editable files, please please feel free to reach out to bookcartqueens@gmail.com to request the files.