Kids Passive Program: I Spy

A few year’s ago, one of my personal work goals was to start a monthly kids passive program. At the time, our library offered a monthly Imagination Station, a pretend play space for approximately ages 2-6, and a monthly teen passive, for students in grades 6-12. Children in the middle often ended up trying to participate in the activities designed for younger or older kids.

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I Spy Passive Program Poster

My very first kids passive involved a passive game of I Spy, playing off of the format of the well-loved book series. Our fantastic marketing department printed a massive I Spy poster I designed in Microsoft Publisher. The print took up the bulk of our passive wall at 84″ long by 36″ tall.

Luckily for you, I like to share. The full poster is available to download as a PDF here:

Each week, I put up a different I Spy Riddle that families used to interact with the wall. Download here.

In addition to playing using pre-written riddles, kids had the opportunity to write their own I Spy riddles, which we added to the wall for further interaction. Download here.

While I have done many kids passive programs since (look forward to future posts!), this is still one of my favorites. The size of the I Spy print thrilled many young visitors, and even with the hours it took to design the Publisher file, that process was still much less time consuming than cutting out and taping up each item individually (plus, the file can easily be reprinted!).


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  2. Courtney Stevens says:

    What an amazing idea! Thank you for sharing. I would love a copy of the file if you are still sharing!

  3. Marie Stroop says:

    Hi Annamarie, I would really like to have a copy of the PDF! Our children’s department wants to do an I Spy passive program in November to go along with our other programs celebrating International Games Month. Thank you for sharing and helping!

  4. Marie Stroop says:

    Hi Annamarie, Could I please have a copy of the PDF? The children’s department would like to add the I Spy display as a passive program along with our other programs celebrating International Games Month in November. Thank you for sharing and helping others!

  5. Julie Hynes says:

    Could I have the publisher file? I am not sure how to get the PDF to print multiple pages. I would greatly appreciate it!

  6. Thi says:

    Hello! I just found your website and absolutely LOVE your I Spy board and would love to do the same in my school library. Would you be able to send me an PDF or editable version?

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