It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We are joining the blog trend of Monday posts about what we have read during the last week (9/14/2020-9/20/2020).

Annamarie’s Reading

Picture Books & Readers:

Everything Else:

Note: My reading is finally slowing down, which was about due, I think. Though I’m intentionally squeezing in more longer titles which is a nice way to balance out my reading. I’m sure picture books will pick up again soon as the October releases start to come in.

Stats for the Week:

  • 25 Books Read This Week
    • 13 Books with Diverse Main Character (52%)
    • 9 Books by Diverse Authors (36%)
    • 6 Books by Own Voices Authors (12%) (to the best of my knowledge)

Check-In on Yearly Reading:

  • 1264 Books Read This Year
    • 594 Books with Diverse Main Character (47%) (+11% from July)
    • 352 Books by Diverse Authors (28%) (not calculated in July)
    • 296 Books by Own Voices Authors (23%) (to the best of my knowledge) (+5% from July)

I am reading more diversely, as the stats are increasing. I’ve been book talking more diverse titles as well, though my storytime diversity is still weak. I actively included more material when I was working with preschoolers, but baby books and toddler books are harder to select due to finding materials that are age appropriate and work well virtually. I’m going to work harder there.

This week’s reading highlights:

Michala’s Reading

Note: Gah. Pity Party hits close to home on the feels. I lost my dad when I was 14 and no one knew how to react and there were lots of awkward conversations and encounters and this was soooo good and soooo hard to read. (A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness does that to me too.) I really need to start reading more brain candy books and things with less feels because 2020 is already killing me.

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