Virtual Program: Superhero BINGO

Superhero BINGO! One of my coworkers and I planned a series of after school livestream programs on Facebook Live in September. The first, Disney Trivia, received a decent audience, but after that program, attendance trickled down to just a handful of players.

Superhero BINGO was the last program in that series, and, unfortunately, I was sick on the day of the program. My coworker, Alexx, graciously presented it for me. Make sure to check out Alexx’s full superhero fun in the event video below.

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Superhero BINGO Content

Alexx played three rounds of BINGO, two where we aimed for five in a row and a final coverall game.

Watch Alexx’s amazing performance (costume and all!) here.

All of the BINGO cards have the same 24 characters on them (plus the free space). I include a number beside each character image to help kids and grown-ups quickly find characters they are unfamiliar with.

Download the BINGO cards and pull slips here:

I also curated an at-home fun packet. Download here:

And, of course, a Superhero BINGO printable certificate:

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