It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We are joining the blog trend of Monday posts about what we have read during the last week (11/23/2020-11/29/2020).

Annamarie’s Reading

Picture Books & Readers:

Everything Else:

Rambling Thoughts: It’s book list season, and I am excited to make my first blog book lists. Check out my 2020 Favorite Storytime Books, and look out for more 2020 Favorites lists later this week.

Make sure to stop by on Tuesdays for short reviews of some of these titles!

Reading by the Numbers:

  • 36 Books Read This Week
    • 22 Books with Diverse Main Character (61%)
    • 9 Books by Diverse Authors (25%)
    • 9 Books by Own Voices Authors (25%) (to the best of my knowledge)

Favorites of the Week:

Michala’s Reading

Note: SO I’ve been an extra bad partner and did not load my books the last couple of weeks. I read, I just didn’t upload my books here. Boooo to me. Boooooo. Shame rattle. I’m going back and fixing my horrible ways this week, so the last 2 weeks of “It’s Monday What Are You Reading” will have some updated content and maybe I can actually post one of the articles I’ve written instead of just letting my powerhouse of a partner do all the things.

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