It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We participate in the blog trend of Monday posts about what we have read during the last week (1/18/2021-1/24/2021).

Annamarie’s Reading

Picture Books:


Beginning Readers:

First Chapter Books:

Everything Else:

Rambling Thoughts: Not that many picture books this week. This was the first week since August that I haven’t had a big stack of picture books waiting for me at the library. For a few minutes I thought I might be caught up on new releases for a minute, and then I overheard our cataloging team talking about how we were due for over 30 boxes of books that didn’t arrive last week. So sometime soon I expect to get about 100 picture book holds in all at the same time.

I was able to catch up on some of the longer books that have been piling up (non-fiction and first chapter in particular). There are always more of course, but I’m hoping I might be able to push through my end table stacks before that next rush of picture books appears.

Make sure to stop by on Tuesdays for short reviews of some of these titles!

Reading by the Numbers:

  • 29 Books Read This Week
    • 13 Books with Diverse Main Character (45%)
    • 9 Books by Diverse Authors (31%)
    • 8 Books by Own Voices Authors (28%)

Favorites of the Week:


  1. Completely Full Bookshelf says:

    What a great set of books! I hope you don’t have to read 100 picture books all at once in the near future—I have no idea if that would be fun or awful! These books sound great, especially Song of the Court and Three Keys! Thanks for the great post!

  2. Shaye Miller says:

    I would absolutely love to get 100 picture book holds at once. I usually put holds on about 30 at a time as I’m always worried about the ILL department getting frustrated with me. LOL Generation Brave sounds really good, but I’m torn on it after reading about those young people in the book who were never asked or informed about their personal stories being included (for example, Satvik Sethi has spoken out about his upset). Still, I think it sounds like a great read! Thanks for all these shares, Annamarie.

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