Flannel: Little Mouse Playing Hide and Seek

While Flannel Friday posts often share the work of the amazing Sarah Simpson, this is one of my flannels! Excited to share the photos and inspiration below. – Annamarie

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Little Mouse Playing Hide and Seek

Little Mouse, Little Mouse
Playing hide and seek.
Are you behind the apartment building?
Let’s take a peak!

My library’s Little Mouse, Little Mouse flannel set has looked like this for many years:

The set is cute enough, and it helps practice color recognition, but I was inspired by the amazing Storytime in the Stacks blog to do something more with this set. More specifically, Jessica’s post Flannel Friday: Mouse House Makeover with Inclusivity in Mind makes a lot of excellent points about the need for representation and how culture and inclusivity go beyond race. I’m not going to go into more detail on that here because Jessica does such an excellent job. Go read her piece!

Similar to Jessica, I made a new Little Mouse set sharing a variety of types of homes. My set includes:

Apartment Building




Barn (to lead to a conversation about living on a farm)


Assisted Living

Single-Family House


  1. Annamarie, I LOVE this set! Your houses are so colorful and cute. I can’t wait to add an RV and a motel to my set! There are so many houses I’ve been wanting to add – a treehouse, a doghouse, a henhouse, a birdhouse… Guess I know what to do for this quarter’s Flannel Friday Round Up Challenge!

    Thank you so much for the shout out and for giving this favorite flannel a more inclusive makeover. And an early literacy makeover – variety is the secret to building vocabulary and background knowledge! 🙂


    • Jessica, Thank you so much! Your blog and work are truly an inspiration. I’m happy to be able to give a shout out here and to take actionable steps towards making my storytimes more inclusive!


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