Flannel: Make a Pig

While Flannel Friday posts often share the work of the amazing Sarah Simpson, this is one of my flannels! Excited to share the photos and inspiration below. – Annamarie

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Make a Pig

Make a Pig has been an instant favorite with preschoolers and kindergarteners at my library for a few years. My inspiration came from Miss Mary Liberry (who was inspired by a post that doesn’t exist anymore, unfortunately).

When using Make a Pig, you start with the body. Depending how long I want the flannel to take, I may ask the kids where the head and eyes should go (and then get quite silly placing them), but more often I place those too since this flannel can take 15-20 minutes if I let it.

This is much more engaging in person, with kids responding to my questions, but it works well virtually too with a lot of pausing. In person, I ask a lot of questions like:

  • What other body parts does a pig have?
  • Is a pig’s nose bigger or smaller than this nose?
  • Where does a pig’s nose belong? Can you use your words to tell me where?
  • What color is a pig’s tail?
  • What do a pig’s ears look like?

I made a different set a few years ago, but I decided to make something fresh in the last few weeks, shown above and in action in the video below:

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