Dragon Egg Craft

Dragon eggs are a simple craft that can work well as an element of magical décor during a program or as an easy take home or in-person craft program. In preparation for our annual Wizards & Wands Festival, library staff are taking home baskets of egg-making supplies to craft some new décor pieces during their work from home hours.

While we are using these as decor for a large library event, this could be turned into a fun craft program for all ages. Cost will vary based on egg size (as will time needed to complete the craft), but the final product is quite pretty and a lot of fun for fantasy fans.

Dragon Egg Craft Supplies:

Dragon Egg Craft Instructions:

Start in the center of the bottom of the egg. Push thumbtack in firmly.

Create a ring of thumbtacks around the one you first placed. Make sure they overlap slightly, so that no Styrofoam shows, but they don’t need to overlap a lot—you have a limited number of thumbtacks.

Continue around and around the egg until it is entirely covered.

Optional: After egg is covered with thumbtacks, use spray paint to create a shiny colorful sheen!


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  2. Christina says:

    Hi! I was wondering how many thumbtacks are needed for each 2.75 inch egg? The blog seems to say 150 but that seems like a lot! Is this accurate? Thanks!

    • Hi Christina! It has been a while since I made one of these, but it is definitely a lot more thumbtacks then you think. Larger eggs (6″-8″) easily took 800-1200 thumbtacks each (I remember how many packs I went through. 150-200 would be a safe bet for a small egg. Thanks for stopping by!

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