It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We participate in the blog trend of Monday posts about what we have read during the last week (5/10/2021-5/16/2021).

Annamarie’s Reading

Board Books, Picture Books, and Readers:

Everything Else:

Thoughts & Updates: Mostly picture books this week as I wrap up things at my current library, plus one absolutely fantastic chapter book–Firekeeper’s Daughter. Lots of things to wrap up as I leave Westerville Public Library a little over five years to the day after starting my practicum there. I’ve got a short vacation planned in the upcoming weeks, so I may miss a week or two of posts (and generally have less reading to report). The rest of the world keeps turning at what feels like breakneck speed–sending best wishes to all of my fellow librarians who are figuring out what new mask rules mean for you and your patrons. I’ll be right back into that soon, but I am happy for a short break from it all. Keep an eye out for a few more Book Club in a Bag posts in the next few weeks!

Reading by the Numbers:

  • 14 Books Read This Week
    • 5 Books with Main Characters of Diverse Backgrounds (36%)
    • 5 Books by Authors of Diverse Backgrounds (36%)
    • 5 Books by Own Voices Authors (36%)

Favorites of the Week:

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