Virtual Program: Camp Half Blood Welcome Kits

We’ve been exploring different ways to provide virtual programming to our patrons. Many libraries have been providing make-and-take kits, but, unfortunately, due to our library’s curbside setup and our patron demand, that isn’t an option for us. A few week’s ago, I shared my Baby-Sitters Club Membership Kits, and these Percy Jackson, Camp Half Blood Welcome Kits follow a similar style.

I worked with one of my fantastic coworkers on this kit, so while it shares a similar feel to my Baby-Sitters Club kits, this has some of their flair as well. I also applied some of the lessons I learned in those baby-sitters club kits–less personalization, less letters that need to be folded, and more activities (rather than more passive information sheets).

Why send kits in the mail? Especially kits that focus more on fun than a specific learning concept? Read my thoughts in this post.

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Camp Half Blood Welcome Kits: Contents

We probably went overboard for these too, but I want to do what we can to give kids those moments of joy right now, so I made do with what I had. At some point I will hit a wall with this because I have been stretching old program leftovers to keep these within budget, and that isn’t always going to be feasible.

Downloads for most items can be found in the downloads section below.

Each child received their own envelope, even if there were multiple kids in the same house registered. This made it more individual–not just that the oldest or youngest got to open the package from the library.

Each kit contained a general welcome kit, in a document envelope, as well as five individual bags from Chiron, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Clarisse.

The general welcome kit included:

  • Personalized welcome letter from Camp Half-Blood
  • ID Card
  • Camp Survival Guide
  • Readalike Book Recommendations
  • Swag: Bookmarks, Buttons, Camp Pennant, Trivia Sheet, Who’s Your Godly Parent Quiz, Camp Map

Chiron’s bag included a letter and materials to create your own Greek god pennant flag for your cabin.

Percy’s bag included a letter, your own Riptide pen, and some water fun.

Annabeth’s bag focused on one of the most important camp traditions: your bead necklace.

Grover’s bag included his letter and a prophecy “puzzle” packet to practice stretching your brain in preparation for your quests and prophecies to come.

Clarisse’s bag included your own Capture the Flag kit (with ideas for ways to make this a more individual scavenger hunt game instead of requiring a large group).

Each kit’s Camp Welcome Letter was personalized.


Everything should be downloadable from the links below. Download all editable files at once here. They are all Publisher files, and as usual, I used a lot of different fonts.


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  2. Susan Schober says:

    This is beyond fantastic, and our patrons would LOVE this program! Would you be willing to share your Publisher files for this and the Babysitters Club program?

  3. Allyson E. says:

    Hi there – I would love to use some of your files for my online learning Percy Jackson book club! Are you still sharing them at this time? Thank you and absolutely love the creativity!:)

  4. janel morris says:

    Help! I need printable copies from my students to use while we do Percy Jackson remotely. I can’t open these files. Is there another format?

  5. casey bassler says:

    I would love to use this for my classroom this year. I’m having difficulties with Slideshare.

  6. Jennifer Henry says:

    Hi Annamarie,

    I LOVE this idea…you really rocked it!! I am having issues with Slideshare and was hoping that you might be able to share your Publisher files for a Percy Jackson program? I absolutely adore your page designs and I know our patrons would absolutely go bananas over it. πŸ™‚

  7. Jennifer Henry says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to use this for a school age program at the library I work at. Would you possibly be able to share the Publisher files with me, as Slideshare is not being very cooperative. I would greatly appreciate it since you did an AMAZING job! πŸ™‚

  8. Clex_ says:

    Hi! Would you be willing to share your files for Percy Jackson? I would like to use them for my PJO book club.

  9. mscdunn says:

    Hi! These look AMAZING! Would you be willing to share the files with me? I’d love to use them with my eighth graders as we read Percy Jackson!

  10. Ashlin Edmisten says:

    These are so amazing! Would you be willing to share files with me? I would love to share them with our kids!

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