Book Club in a Bag: Elephant & Piggie Kit

Take-and-make kits; craft kits; programs to go: whatever your library calls these programs in a bag that have become a staple of no-contact offerings, one thing is fairly standard: these kits are well loved, but they take time to make. I love creating materials for kits and thinking about how a family might interact with program materials at home. I’ve introduced a new pair of kits for ages 6-11 this month: Book Club in a Bag. First up: Elephant & Piggie Kit.

The Book Club in a Bag kits look a bit different from some of my previous kits. Instead of focusing on just one book universe, these kits each feature four characters, hopefully some old favorites as well as some new, diverse characters.

In January, these featured characters included (links provided as the bag contents are shared on Book Cart Queens):

Check out these additional Book Club in a Bag Kits (links added as posts are created):

Narwhal & Jelly (Ben Clanton)
Pete the Cat (James Dean & Eric Litwin)
Sadiq (Siman Nurrali)
Zoey & Sassafras (Asia Citro)
Tristan Strong (Kwambe Mbalia)
Last Kids on Earth (Max Brallier)
Two Truths and a Lie (Ammi-Joan Paquette and Laurie Ann Thompson

Each bag contains some repeated resources:

  • List of kit contents
  • List of books in the featured series
  • List of readalike books
  • Discussion questions
  • Swag item (button, sticker, bookmarks)
  • 1-3 crafts, games, activities

Elephant & Piggie Kit

The Elephant & Piggie kit has a few more materials than usual. I had planned an Elephant & Piggie Party over spring break 2020. Since the library closed, that party never happened, but most of the materials had been prepped (and were reused here).

Want to use make an Elephant & Piggie Kit at your library? Download the PDFs at the links below, or write a comment or send an email ( for editable files.

Elephant & Piggie General Materials

Each bag contains some of the same basic materials, and the Elephant & Piggie kit is no different.

Download Meet Elephant and Piggie.

Download Elephant and Piggie Readalikes.

The Elephant & Piggie readalikes bookmark features these titles:

Download Elephant and Piggie Discussion Questions.

The Elephant & Piggie Discussion Questions included:

  • General Questions:
    • How do you know Elephant and Piggie are friends?
    • How does Piggie feel in our story? Have you ever felt that way?
    • How does Elephant feel in our story? Have you ever felt that way?
    • What was the problem in the story?
    • What happened first? Next? Then what happened?
    • How did they solve the problem?
  • Sample Story Questions: A Big Guy Took My Ball:
    • What does it mean to be fair?
    • Why is it necessary to take turns and share with others?
    • Was it fair for Piggie to get angry with Gerald for breaking her new toy?

This bag also included two pieces of Elephant & Piggie swag: a button and a sticker. Download printable PDFs to make those yourself at these links:

Elephant & Piggie Crafts, Games, and More

Again, this kit pulled from materials I created for an in-person program that never happened, so it included more than usual.

Make your own Elephant & Piggie headbands! Print the Piggie outline on pink cardstock, and Elephant on grey cardstock. I also cut strips of 11 x 17 paper for the band (folded in half to fit in the bag).

Download Elephant & Piggie Headband Templates:

Complete simple Elephant & Piggie activities, mostly from the Mo Willems website, in activity booklet ready-to-print format. Download here.

And finally, my favorite item: make your own Pigeon book! Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Don’t Let the Pigeon Write a Book! Don’t Let a Pigeon Go Outside Without a Mask! The choices are endless!

And download here.


  1. Mimi says:

    OMG! These are awesome. Started with a Google search for a quick easy headband. You have blown my mind.
    Thank you so much! The Golden Eagles are in for a BIG treat!

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  7. Jeanne R Langsdale says:

    Hi, Annamarie! If you could send me the links for the Piggie and Gerald downloads, that would be great! I really appreciate the great resources!

  8. Laura McBride says:

    These are wonderful!
    Could you also send me the link for the Elephant and Piggy and The Pigeon. Slide share is giving me problems.
    I would really appreciate it!

  9. Rachel says:

    Could you possibly email me the files for the Elephant and Piggies resources? I am on the city library board and we are planning an event and would love to use some of them.

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  12. Brenda Hess says:

    Hi Annamarie. Finally back to in person work. Yay! Would you please email me the Elephant and Piggie files? I would appreciate it. Thanks. πŸ™‚

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  14. Heather says:

    Hi Annamarie! I would also really like a copy of the links for a summer literacy book club. Thank-you!

  15. Char Brulotte says:

    I can’t seem to download the Elephant and Piggie Slide share. Is there another way to access this?
    Thank you!

  16. Joanie Ngu says:

    Hi Annamarie! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource!! When you get a chance, would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the editable files please? I can’t seem to download them either. Thanks so much! :0)

  17. Rocell says:

    Hi Annamarie,

    Would you please please share the elephant and piggie downloads with me please? hello from Singapore! πŸ™‚

  18. Olyvia says:

    Hi Annamarie,

    Would you please please share the elephant and piggie downloads with me please? Thank you for sharing such wonderful resources!! πŸ™‚

  19. Giana says:

    Thank you Annamarie for these wonderful resources!! I am hosting a library Mo WIllems’ Party. Would you be able to send me the Pigeon quotes pages and the elephant and piggie activity pages? Thank you so much!

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