Virtual Baby Storytime Week 2

Week 2 of virtual baby storytime! Our library just announced we will remain closed through May, so there will be a few more weeks of this content to come.

I did not use all of these pieces in the livestream this week. I am trying to figure out how I continue to cut 1-2 things per run through, and I STILL end up 10 minutes over. Every time. I think the more I practice the more directions I add in, which is good, but which also makes my storytime longer. So cutting things isn’t currently helping. I’ll get there.

In an effort to conserve time, since cutting content didn’t seem to help, I also went from three to two repeats of each rhyme (which is what I do regularly in the library). I didn’t see any comments that were sad about this switch, so I’m going to stick with it for now. I want to try to give our regular attendees as similar an experience as possible to what we do in the library, so I don’t want to cut entire sections of the storytime if I don’t have to. At least for me, I think that familiarity and structure helps a lot right now.

Lyrics or links for any activities are in the YouTube video descriptions.

Background: While my library is closed during the COVID pandemic, we are hosting five virtual storytimes a week, livestreamed through our Facebook page. While those livestreams are deleted soon after they are complete, we are also making YouTube clips of select elements of our storytimes that our patrons can view anytime they would like–and that I can share with all of you!

Find additional content at the links below:

Baby Storytime Introduction Song & Rhyme

Early Literacy Tip & Book Recommendation

Action & Body Rhymes

Didn’t use in this week’s livestream.


Also used The Tickle Song by Rainbow Songs. This was my first video that was blocked by YouTube due to copyright. Other music videos just had a Copyright Claim added saying that we can’t monetize the videos.

Movement & Bounce Rhymes

Didn’t use in this week’s livestream.

Puppet Time

Manipulative Time – Scarves

Closing Song

DIY Play


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