Virtual Baby Storytime: Week 5

Week 5 of virtual baby storytime!

Views stayed low, but steady this week. I turned this craziness into an Instagram story to try to boost views. It didn’t work, but I had fun anyway (it is right-side-up when you play it):

More Baby Storytime Content:

Find additional storytime content at the links below:

Storytime Resources (includes all storytime outlines)
Virtual Baby Storytimes
Virtual Toddler Storytimes
Virtual Preschool Storytimes
Virtual Family Storytimes (including themed special events)
All Virtual Storytime Outlines

Baby Storytime Introduction Song & Rhyme

Early Literacy Tip & Book Recommendation

We talked about playing this week, including the value of peekaboo.

Action & Body Rhymes


Find more Fingerplays.


Movement & Bounce Rhymes

Find more Baby Bounce Rhymes. —

Find more Baby Bounce Rhymes. —

Puppet Time

Manipulative Time – Shakers

Closing Song

DIY Play


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