Virtual Baby Storytime: Week 6

Week 6 of virtual baby storytime! (And my last baby set for a while as a I pass the baby baton off to my coworker Sarah and her actual baby.)

There is some more repetition here from previous weeks than usual, which isn’t too surprising for me. I generally have a set of my best storytime material (developmentally appropriate, early literacy connections, parent and child response, I enjoy) that I tend to rotate through over about 4-6 weeks. I sprinkle in new material regularly too, but the repetition is good for everyone.

I’m getting ready to shift to Toddlers on Monday, which is a bit of an adjustment for me, though not quite as much as I expected. A lot of activities that I’ve stopped using in Baby Storytime because they involved too many full body motions (jumping, spinning) work great for toddlers. I’m also breaking out of my box a little bit because, while I’m keeping a sense of routine like I do with babies, I’m not trying to also bring the comfort and familiarity of the routine of our regular in-library programs. I don’t regularly present toddler storytimes (and neither did my coworker doing virtual toddler storytimes before me)–so I get to make up my own rules.

But for now…one more week of babies!

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Baby Storytime Introduction Song & Rhyme

Early Literacy Tip & Book Recommendation

We talked about reading this week, including little one’s impatience and lack of attention span being completely okay.

The Baby Goes Beep: O'Connell, Rebecca, Wilson-Max, Ken ...

Action & Body Rhymes


Movement & Bounce Rhymes

Find more Baby Bounce Rhymes. —

Find more Baby Bounce Rhymes. —

Puppet Time

Manipulative Time – Scarves

Closing Song

DIY Play – Spider Web Baskets

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