Virtual Toddler Storytime: Week 5

Hello toddlers! For the rest of the fall, I am in a rotation between toddler and baby storytimes (plus a once a month Saturday special!). I will have to do some reassessment on my content for toddlers–this was the age where I ran long the most often, and part of that is not having quite as solid of a routine as I did for babies and preschoolers (and wanting to squeeze so much into just 30 minutes!).

Background: While my library is closed during the COVID pandemic, we are hosting five virtual storytimes a week, livestreamed through our Facebook page. While those livestreams are deleted soon after they are complete, we are also making YouTube clips of select elements of our storytimes that our patrons can view anytime they would like–and that I can share with all of you!

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Toddler Storytime Intro Song & Rhyme

Early Literacy Tip: Singing with your kids is key to early literacy development. It helps kids break down the smaller parts of words. If you aren’t comfortable singing, try rhyming books or books with a great rhythm.

Book Recommendation: Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig

Farmyard Beat: Craig, Lindsey, Brown, Marc: 9780307930828: Amazon ...

Song: Hot Potato by the Wiggles

Flannel: Five Ferocious Lions

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Action Rhyme: Put Your Hands Up High

Retelling: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell (flannel)

— Find more Book Retellings in this post. —

Manipulative: Shakers (Leap Frog by Jazzy Ash)

Closing Song: The Popcorn Song by Laura Doherty

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