Virtual Toddler Storytime: Week 12

More toddler fun! This week’s book retelling was a bit of a struggle for me…I didn’t think about how many rhymes are in One Red Sock. I figured it out eventually, but this was the first storytime video in a while where I took a frustrating number of takes. Though, another benefit of virtual (for me) is that I probably wouldn’t have been willing to try this particular story in person due to the heavy memorization–but now that I’ve done it a few (more than a few) times, it will be easier to use again in the future.

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Toddler Storytime Intro Song & Rhyme

Early Literacy Tip: Point out connections between books and your child’s “real” life. For example, after you see the picture of a carrot or an umbrella in today’s book, talk about seeing them in our story when you see the items later in real life.

Book Recommendation: Is That Wise, Pig? by Jan Thomas

Song: Baby Shark by Pinkfong!

Fingerplay: Tiny Tim

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Retelling: One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler

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Action Rhyme: Open, Shut Them

Magnet: Little Monster, Little Monster

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Closing Song: The Popcorn Song by Laura Doherty

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